What I do

I write professional writings and the real estate sector is my specialization. I have written many books, articles, blogs, etc. on real estate. Here are the services I offer.


Blogs are widely used in the real estate business now. These are used for advertising, sales and other marketing needs. Regular posts must be published on the blogs to keep the readers engaged. I can help real estate companies to achieve their goal.

Social media

I can manage the social media accounts of real estate companies. Regular contents must be created in social media. The audience also demands an immediate response. I have successfully managed social accounts of some clients.


Businesses need to send newsletters at regular intervals to an email list of recipients. I can cover messages, updates, events and other contents in the bulletin.

Books or e-books

I have already written lots of books on the real estate market. You can hire me to write a book on any topic of your interest related to the real estate industry.

I have many years of experience as a ghostwriter. If you are interested in hiring me, then please call me or write to me to know about my rates. I deliver work on time and meet the needs of my clients. I never had any customers who were unsatisfied with my work. So, you can rely on me.