Everything about Home Warranty

A home warranty can help you replace or repair your expensive appliances and systems. Many people are not aware of this warranty, and they spend lots of money when something goes wrong with their appliances. I have written this book for homeowners or renters to learn about how a home warranty can save money on their costly repair works.

Basics of a home warranty

In the first chapter, I have talked about the reasons a home warranty is available. I have also given information about how and where to get a home warranty including a few places that offer home warranty reviews.

Difference between home warranty and homeowner’s insurance

This chapter explains the difference between a home warranty and homeowner’s insurance. Many people think these are same, but they are quite different. Home warranties are service contracts and not insurance policies. It is a company’s agreement to pay for repairing or replacing items in your home. Home insurance, on the other hand, covers for losses due to a natural disaster or theft.

Items covered under home warranty

You will learn what items are covered by your home warranty. I have explained elaborately how you much you will save on each appliance with the home warranty. A home warranty costs about $350 to $500 every year or more. It covers plumbing, water heater, sump pump, furnace, ceiling, kitchen appliances, exhaust fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, washer, etc. If these items have a problem and you need to fix it, then you only need to pay $50 to $75 of service charge when you have home warranty.

Finding the right home warranty

The kind of home warranty depends on the type of appliances you have at home and their frequency of usage. You should buy a home warranty according to your needs.

When you buy a home, the seller may provide you one year’s coverage for free. Even real estate agents can offer you free home warranty. Home warranty will give you confidence. The book stresses on the necessity of purchasing a home warranty. If you want to know about home warranty in details, then this book will be perfect for you.